Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

We draw upon industry experience of our management team to provide bespoke solutions for all our customers' cleaning needs. 
Each cleaning job is comprehensively reviewed prior to any work taking place and risk assessments and method statements systematically produced.

Our services include:

Builders Clean & Sparkle Clean Service

Kosmo Services work from an initial clean to removing builders rubbish to that final polish, we offer the most reliable and competitive builders clean.

Close to the end of projects, the sites would need a thorough clean, usually (always) under tight time constraints. With strict schedules for completion and often last-minute snags to attend to, you can be rest assured that everything is left in competent hands with our Builders Clean Team. At Kosmo we adapt to your timescales, as we know and mindful that things can change at short notice.

We supply fully trained and insured staff that use relevant products and equipment for jobs, they also all wear uniform and PPE when working on sites.

All our staff receive COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training in the use and handling of cleaning chemicals and fluids that may need to be used and are always briefed on risk assessment.

Once the job is complete, we will provide your site/project manager with a report of work undertaken.

Who needs a Builders Clean?
•    Property Developers
•    Construction Companies 
•    Shop fitters 
•    Restoration Companies

What is a Builders Clean?
•    It is a clean carried out concurrently with a building project to near completion, leaving the building and work area fit for snagging and Sparkle Clean

Why have a Builders Clean?
•    To ensure that the work area is clean, tidy, safe and highlights any areas needing snagging.

What is a Sparkle Clean?
•    It is the clean carried out after all the snagging is done. Our operatives go back in to give the premises a final detailed clean

Why have a Sparkle Clean?
•    To ensure that when you hand over to your client they can see that indeed you have done a good job by leaving the premises brand new.

Office Cleaning

It has long been proven that a clean office environment enhance the performance of employees. At Kosmo we know this and provide our clients with a service that ensure they have a clean office for their staff to work in. We also know the value of a clean office environment to the image of your business.

We offer a professional service that meets your needs without obstructing your work. Our cleaning team ensures that you can focus on your business being assured that your office is always clean. We can carry out Daily or Weekly visits or any other choice you may want, and we are entirely flexible and aim to give you a bespoke service.

Our work is designed to suit your schedule – whether that be in the morning or evening and we are fully insured to be key, security & alarm code holders so we do not have to interfere with your working day. You can either provide all the cleaning products and equipment or allow us to provide everything, leaving one less thing for you to do.

We do not impose contracts on you, we simply have terms and conditions to take care of any grey areas and offer a service with high standards to ensure that you as one of our valued customers will want to stay with us.

Retail Units

This unit is part of our office cleaning department with contracts ranging from daily cleaning to window cleaning and floor cleaning services to a diverse assortment of stores. Our team of cleaners are available as may be required to ensure your store remains clean and inviting to your customers.

At Kosmo we have a special unit that deals with student accommodation covering the regular communal cleaning and the all-important summer cleaning.

Summer Cleam

Our experience in Student accommodation summer clean span over 10 years with our team cleaning over 1500 rooms between July and September each year. We understand that there is a short turn around period between when old students move out and new students move in so we work with our clients to ensure there is effective and efficient management of their clean requirement.

Student Accommodation Managers face a lot of pressure during this period and our role is to let them handle the big task of managing students while we handle the small cleaning job.

Communal Clean

For the daily cleaning we assess each site and advise you on the number of hours required each week. We discuss with you what your requirements are and provide a solution to meet them.

End of Tenancy

Let Our Professionals put the Sparkle in to Your Property Let

End of Tenancy Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that we provide to letting agents, estate agents, Landlords or Tenants. The length of time to carry out End of tenancy cleans depends on the size of property. We will attend site initially to carry out an estimate and will then provide a price.

Within our end of tenancy package are oven and carpet cleaning which can also be provided as separate services on their own if you do not require a full clean of the property.

Letting & Estate Agents

In your position you always want to provide your clients with a professional service. So why not let us take the pressure off you and provide your clientele with a 2nd to none cleaning service. We can clean the whole property top to bottom and have contacts within the cleaning industry for cleaning carpets, ovens & windows.


Your tenants of a few years have given you notice and are moving out! Your heart sinks, as you imagine the task ahead of you, with your busy lifestyle, trying to fit in a deep clean is not going to be easy! As we all know too well some tenants unfortunately don't leave your property as it should be. So let us take the stress out of your lives and we will put the Sparkle back in to your property, saving you time and money.


Or if you are a tenant and want to make sure you get your deposit back, let us come in and take the worry out of your hectic life. What with work and/or children it's not an easy task to undertake. So having us come and clean for you guarantees a sparkling result and your deposit returned.

For further information or to speak with one of our cleaning advisors, please go to our Domestic Clean Booking page where you can enter a few details and we will be happy to contact you to meet your cleaning requirements.

Communal Cleaning

We offer a friendly professional service to suit you. Our communal area cleaning team can carry out Daily or Weekly visits or any other choice you may want, and we are entirely flexible and aim to give you a bespoke service. We cater for any size of area so we can help no matter how big or small or how many cleaning hours it requires. We do not impose contracts on you, we simply have terms and conditions to take care of any grey areas and offer a service with high standards to ensure that you as one of our valued customers will want to stay with us.
We know how important first impressions are and how your clients will take note of this, a clean, neat and tidy environment says a lot to your current & potential tenants. We know the value of a clean communal to your property.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is also a separate service of the cleaning division. Our operations range from households to high street buildings requiring complex access solutions. We have the expertise and experience to manage this service on your behalf, minimising risk and reducing your liability.

Our services cover internal and external window cleaning up to six floors using safe and health and safety compliant methods.

Carpet Cleaning & Hard Surface Cleaning

Our Specialist cleaning also include such services as carpet cleaning, hard floor maintenance and restoration, hygiene and washroom deep cleaning. Our specialist management team can determine the right methodology for your premises.

Brick Cleaning 

Brick cleaning is usually needed at different stages of a building’s life. For instance, it may be required when a building has just been constructed or after renovation. In both cases, the brickwork is usually marred by cement smears and other dirt.

Brick cleaning can also be of benefit to older buildings that have been around for a long time due to dirt and other kinds of damages to them. Also, exposure to natural elements of perennial damp weather does its bit to deface the exterior of a brick building. The build-up of algae and moss growth can turn a once clean and beautiful building into a dull and depressing one. A good quality brick cleaning can restore part of the damage caused.

Since the surface of brick is porous and rough, which allows for dirt, grime and pollutant to accumulate; high-pressure power wash is usually the best way to dislodge such build-up from the brick surface. At Kosmo Services we offer a quality high-pressure brick cleaning which is also the most convenient as it helps cover a large area with very little human effort with a very good result.